Metal band Widow, performing live at The Georgia 120 Tavern in Marietta, Georgia.

I am always out shooting bands, typically bands that I want to see live. If I shoot your show and you are interested in obtaining the high resolution images, contact me to work out a price. Images range anywhere from $5  – $20 each, depending on quantity.

If you REQUEST ME to shoot one of your shows, then this is the breakdown:

How much do you charge?
Minimum charge is $50 (2 hours)

  • $25/hour + expenses (parking, travel + photo editing time)
  • There is a small additional charge for mailing a CD of high-res images, usually around $5-10 dollars.
  • If travel time is more than an hour, there will be an additional fee. I’m located in Marietta, GA.
  • I also ask that you waive any entrance fees / cover charges

We want you to shoot our gig!
So you have a gig coming up and you want me to shoot it? Just contact me at and give me the time and place. Please keep in mind:

  • I only shoot live performance – I don’t have a studio
  • I only work in small venues – bars & small clubs
  • I’m only available in the greater Atlanta area

To ensure that I capture the best images possible, I ask that the band grant me access to the stage / backstage area. It is also helpful that prior to the show we discuss anything special that you would like me to capture…special moments during the gig, guest musicians, special effects…whatever. The better prepared I am, the better your images will turn out.

Please give me at least 3 days advance notice.

What do we get for our money?
After shooting, I’ll provide digital watermarked proofs. Email me the FILENAMES of the images you wish to receive. Final images will be provided in print-ready, full size (roughly 4000 pixels wide), high resolution JPEG format, color-corrected and without any type of watermark. I will deliver images via an Internet file-sharing site called Dropbox ( After completing work, you will receive a link in your email which will enable the download. Considering the sheer size of the images, I highly recommend a fast internet connection. I can also provide the digital images on a CD/DVD at an additional fee.

Payments can be made in person in cash, or via my PayPal account. Money must be received before delivery of final images.