Lynch Mob @ Farm Rock Atlanta

Lynch Mob, live at Farm Rock Atlanta

Guitarist George Lynch brought his long running project Lynch Mob to Farm Rock Atlanta for a performance of Lynch Mob favorites and classic Dokken. Along for the ride was original Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan, bassist Sean McNabb and former Bullet Boys drummer Jimmy D’Anda. The most surprising part of the evening was that Lynch performed the entire set playing a Gibson Les Paul instead of his traditional ESP custom guitars. Nope, Lynch’s signature axe “Mr. Scary” would not make an appearance, but that was fine by me since I’m a huge fan of the Les Paul guitar tone.

Lynch casually strolls around the stage while letting his fingers do all the work. Well known Dokken hits like “Into The Fire” and “Tooth and Nail” sat side-by-side with Lynch Mob favorites “Wicked Sensation” and “River of Love.”