Tesla @ The Tabernacle

Jeff Keith of Tesla, live in concert at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

Just after the band Tesla finished their rendition of the song “Signs,” lead singer Jeff Keith turned to the audience and said:

“Do you want a sign? I’ll give you a sign…”

He then turned to face the band’s enormous the backdrop, pointed his finger and said:

“ T-E-S-L-A. Plain and simple, just how we like it.”

Simplicity. It’s the name of their latest album and it’s a philosophy that’s always worked for Tesla. No over-the-top stage show filled with explosions or confetti, no flashy clothes, just five unpretentious guys who play honest rock ‘n’ roll. Tesla was unfortunately lumped in with whole “hair band” movement back in the 80s, but I never thought that was fair. Sure, they had the hair, but their music and lyrical content was more akin to the now classic rock bands of the late 60s and 70s, not the cliched “party-all-night until the morning light” outlook of their 80s contemporaries. Whatever they are doing is working just fine, as they proved during their career-spanning 17-song set in front of a near capacity crowd at The Tabernacle. Read the rest of my review at Target Audience Magazine.